Church Photos

The Bluff Park United Methodist Church campus features both a main sanctuary and a chapel, embracing both current and future needs as well as facilities that have served us well over the years.

Main Sanctuary/Narthex

The sidewalk leads to the entrance of the Main Sanctuary where visitors will also find a Welcome Center full of information on classes, facility maps, and more!



Inside the Main Sanctuary

Inside the Main Sanctuary, you will find a warm, beautiful worship environment with large stained glass windows surrounding you. The window shown here is the “Rose Window” located above the choir loft at the front of the church. To the left and right of the choir loft are enclosures for the pipes of our organ.


 The Chapel

The Chapel is the building with the Steeple on top. A set of double doors welcomes you into the Narthex of the Chapel from the front steps. To the left of the Chapel, there is a sidewalk that leads you to the entrance to the Main Sanctuary where Sunday morning worship services are held. We host various programs and activities throughout the year in our chapel, which served for many years as the main worship space here at Bluff Park United Methodist Church until the congregation outgrew it.