Location: Friendship Room – Room 270
Schedule: Every Sunday
Time: 9:45

This class consists of people ages 60+, both couples and singles. The Friendship Class was organized during 1957 when five couples left the Roy Gilbert Class to form a new class.

Visitors and new members are cordially welcomed

Sunday School attendance is usually 30 – 40 persons.

Lessons are taught lecture style with four regular teachers who focus upon biblical truths. They are Wayne Walton (1st Sunday), Bobbye Guyton (2nd Sunday), Tom Doran (3rd Sunday), and Martha McLemore (4th Sunday). Gordon Hallmark is our substitute teacher. We usually attend the 5th Sunday church-wide Sunday School hour functions.

Coffee and refreshments are available before class begins along with informal conversation.

We have a monthly fellowship dinner regularly scheduled for the second Friday of each month. There is a formal class Christmas luncheon. Every other month women cook and take a meal to sick and shut-in members.

Financial support is given to mission functions within the church. Currently the Shepherd Center, Under the Bridge and Food Pantry receive funds from us on a monthly basis. First Light is supported on a quarterly basis by us. Other appropriate mission activities are supported on a one time basis upon request.

Many class members support and participate in church wide activities on an individual basis.