Sermon – January 28, 2018

2018: 110th Anniversary of Bluff Park United Methodist ChurchBroken Bread and Poured Out Wine, by Dr. Leonard Sweet

About Dr. Sweet

Dr. Leonard Sweet is an American theologian, church historian, pastor, futurist and author. Sweet currently serves as the E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism at Drew Theological School at Drew University, in Madison, New Jersey; and a Visiting Distinguished Professor at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Sweet is a leading scholar of USAmerican culture; he is a semiotician who “sees things the rest of us do not see, and dreams possibilities that are beyond most of our imagining;” and a preacher and best-selling author who communicates the gospel with a signature bridging of the worlds of faith, academe and popular culture. In 2006, 2007, and 2010 he was voted by his peers as one of the most influential Christians in America.  He has spoken in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, England, Wales, South Africa, South Korea, Iceland, Scotland, China, Indonesia, Latvia and across the United States including Huntsville, Birmingham and Camp Sumatanga.  Dr. Sweet is ordained in the United Methodist Church.

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