Path to the Empty Tomb

Path to the Empty TombIn Jerusalem, there is a well known path called the Via Dolorosa that tracks the final journey of Jesus within the old city walls. Markers along the path remind you of the trial of Jesus, of the times he fell as he carried his cross, and the encounters with others along the way. Via Dolorosa translates as “the way of pain” or “the way of sorrows.”

The Via Dolorosa demonstrates the worst of humanity — that we turn to hate and violence more than love and forgiveness.

Jesus’ steps along this path are a guide for each and every one of us. With each step, Jesus paves a way forward for us, guiding us through life. On the Path to the Empty Tomb, we find a journey of spiritual transformation that provides us with life abundant. During this season of Lent, we invite you to walk with us along in the footsteps of Jesus.

Week 1: Letting Go

Week 2: Turn Around

Week 3: Get Low

Week 4: Clean Slate

Week 5: Get Passionate

Week 6: Sign Up