Treasures of the Transformed Life

Transformed  Living Sermon SeriesStewardship means more than pledging our financial support to the church. But stewardship is about much more than that. Stewardship is about our time. Stewardship is about our attention. Ultimately, stewardship is about how we manage the many blessings that God puts in our lives so that everything we do glorifies him.

This 6-week sermon series looks at the idea of stewardship through the lens of the 5 vows that every person makes when they join the United Methodist Church: Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service, and Witness.

Sermon Series

Week 1: We NEVER Talk About Money in Church

Week 2: The Vow of Prayers

Week 3: Being There

Week 4: The Three Treasures

Week 5: Bobo, Margie and a Good Sister

Week 6: All of Me

Commitments to Ministry