Expecting Abundance – Rev. Ross Furio
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Episode 9: Expecting Abundance- Rev. Ross Furio

The fourth sign from John’s Gospel occurs on a grassy hillside near the Sea of Galilee in front of thousands of people. The people have no food and the disciples do not have enough to purchase food for everyone. One small child shares five barley loaves and some fish with Jesus who feeds the entire gathering of people until they are all full. This sign not only points to Jesus’ compassion for the needs and hunger of others but also to his ability to provide the very nourishment we all need. We are invited, as followers of Jesus, to share what we have to meet the needs of others. Whether our resources are vast or meager, they all can make an impact. So, what are the needs of others in your community and what do you have that can help make a difference?

Sermon Scripture Text: John 6:1-14

Expecting Abundance” – S02E09 of Grow Deeper: A Bluff Park UMC Podcast

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