Martha’s Not Wrong – Rev. Dr. Kevin Payne
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Episode 55: Martha’s Not Wrong… – Rev. Dr. Kevin Payne

We’re quick to condemn Martha. How could someone be so busy in the kitchen that they could neglect their guests in the living room, especially when one of the gusts is none other than Jesus, himself! But Martha isn’t dismissing her friend. She is working on present, practical matters. She wants to be a good hostess and show her love by preparing a meal for Jesus and the Disciples. However, she is missing the better part. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily demands of the urgent ¾those things that seem so very important in the moment, yet, in the bigger picture are not really that pressing. When everything is a priority, then nothing is. Don’t allow the demands of the urgent to make us miss Christ sitting right in front of us.

Sermon Scripture Text: Luke 10:38-42

Martha’s Not Wrong…” – S02E55 of Grow Deeper: A Bluff Park UMC Podcast

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