What Needs To Die? – A Way Other Than Our Own
Rev. Angela Martin   -  

What Needs To Die? – A Way Other Than Our Own” – S02E07 of Table Talk with Mike and Angela

Welcome to the Table Talk with Mike and Angela podcast. We’re pastors Mike Holly and Angela Martin and we want to help you understand more about the Bible, faith, and living a faithful life.  In each episode of Table Talk, we sit down for a conversation about a wide range of topics. We often invite other staff members at Bluff Park UMC to join in.  Listen in and experience God in new ways and take those important next steps that help us all weave together a life of faith and service!

Episode 7: What Needs To Die?

For the season of Lent, Mike and Angela will explore segments of the Lenten daily devotional by renowned Hebrew Scriptures scholar Walter Brueggemann from his work “A Way Other Than Our Own.”

In today’s podcast, Mike and Angela discuss how both individuals and churches need to discover and reflect upon the things that prevent Christians and the Church to be who God has called us to be. Unless we put to death the things that cloud our collective witness, God’s light will not be able to shine as brightly within us. Listen in to the conversation and take the time this Lent to get to work on developing a new life with God!