BRIEFLY DESCRIBE YOUR JOB:  My focus is on ministry to the adults of the church.  This includes phone and in person contacts with our seniors, especially those in Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Home Bound settings.  However, I am available to anyone who may desire a pastoral visit.  I maintain contact with adults through the Sunday School Classes, where I am available to teach and I enjoy participating in class activities.  I also frequently attend the Open Door Café program and find this to be a good way to “stay in touch”.  Mine is a part-time position so I do not work a set schedule or maintain an office at the church.   I encourage anyone to contact me through the church or by phone as needed.

WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND?  Like many ministers my clergy career is a second career that I began in my 30’s.  I spent 10 years on active duty in the Air Force and then as a response to my sense of call to the ministry I resigned to attend seminary.  I had initially thought that I could return to active duty as a chaplain, but that wasn’t God’s will for me.  I did spend the next 20 years as a Chaplain in the Reserves.   My wife Peggy and I are both Licensed Professional Counselors and our ministry has included work in several Children’s Home ministries along with my local church ministry.  We continue to have a counseling ministry though this has changed to more administrative oversite and mentoring.  My last appointment was a part time, three-point charge just south of Montevallo.  I served these three churches for seven years.  I am an elder in the United Methodist Church and a member of the North Alabama Conference.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB?  The People!  We are blessed as a church to have a wonderful group of senior adults who love our church dearly.  I love sitting at their feet and listening to their memories of things they have been involved in through Bluff Park UMC over the years.  Many of them have raised their families in our church and it is truly their “church home”.  We owe much to these folks for their priceless legacy of faith and love.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY:  I have already mentioned my wife Peggy.  She and I have literally walked through life together.  In our work together in the group care situations and in the life of our own family we have always been together.  We married right out of high school, were overseas in the military a year later.  That was 51 years ago.  She is absolutely a “Gift of God” to me.  We have three children:  Carolyn, Kevin and Michael.  Michael is a nephew who grew up with us.  They are all adults and on their own.  All live in Alabama and we have good contact with each other.  They have blessed us with seven grandchildren and one great grandson.  We are truly blessed.

FAVORITE THING TO DO AWAY FROM WORK?  My family of origin had the philosophy that “Idol hands were the Devil’s Workshop” so I learned to love being busy.  I am kind of a jack of all trades and master of none.  I have a vegetable garden; I like working on old cars and I like doing my own work around the house as much as I can.  Seldom a dull moment yet I am learning to stop and smell the roses some too.