Blind No More – Rev. Dr. Rick Owen

Episode 13: Blind No More- Rev. Dr. Rick Owen

The sixth sign from John’s Gospel occurs in Jerusalem as the disciples see a man who is blind. The disciples question whether or not it was the man or his parents whose sin caused this blindness. Jesus’ response makes it clear that sin is not the issue here, but sight. As Jesus heals the man and allows him to see clearly, we then encounter many other people who do not “see.” The Pharisees and the man’s parents don’t see what truly happened. They do not see God’s handiwork through Christ at this moment. They are stumped by the miracle instead of rejoicing in the man’s healing. We are invited, as followers of Jesus, to follow the signs we see in Christ and we are invited to become signs of God’s Kingdom for others. Do you see the signs?

Sermon Scripture Text: John 9:1-7

Blind No More” – S02E13 of Grow Deeper: A Bluff Park UMC Podcast

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