Renew Recurring Gifts through Realm

If you set up a recurring payment for your Annual Pledge, it expires at the end of the calendar year. At the beginning of each year you need to create a new recurring payment based on the Annual Pledge you made for the upcoming year. There are instructions below to walk you through the process. If you need further assistance, please call the finance office.

How to Update Your Recurring Giving

If you set up a recurring payment through Realm for your Annual Pledge giving, that recurring payment stops at the end of the calendar year and you need to set up a new recurring payment toward your Annual Pledge for the upcoming year.

To do this, log into Realm and on your profile page click the Giving tab on the left side of the screen.  Once this page loads you will see a +Give and a +Pledge tab.

Click on the +Give tab and you can enter the amount you want to give as well as how often you want to give. Please remember to adjust the dates to when you want this giving to begin.

Once you have entered the amount and frequency of the giving to occur, choose Continue and you will enter your credit/debit card information.

Please feel free to contact the church finance office should you have any questions.