Golden Images – Rev. Ross Furio
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Episode 83: Golden Images – Rev. Ross Furio

We all have things in our life that take up a lot of space – golden images that cast a big shadow. They may not be inherently bad, but they might also begin to take up more of our time, energy, and attention than they deserve. Keeping these golden images from crowding out our relationship with God opens us up to making a real difference in our world.

Sermon Scripture Text: Daniel 4:1-3

Golden Images” – S03E83 of Grow Deeper: A Bluff Park UMC Podcast

Welcome to the Grow Deeper podcast. I’m pastor Ross Furio from Bluff Park United Methodist Church in Hoover, Alabama. Each week I share my Sunday sermon, and occasion guest preachers, on the podcast to inspire and encourage you to grow in faith and in life. I’m glad you’ve joined me on this journey.

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