I Thirst – Rev. Mike Holly
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Episode 25: I Thirst – Rev. Mike Holly

Jesus thirsts while he is on the cross. He has a physical thirst caused by being denied something to drink all day along with the blood loss and trauma of crucifixion. His mouth and throat become even drier as he fights for each and every breath in the arid Israel air. Jesus also has a spiritual thirst for the will of God and the victory that is coming. This last word reminds us of the thirsts and longings we have in our own lives along with their appropriateness. Do we thirst for what God thirsts? Do we thirst for Him? This last word from the cross is an invitation for us to consider our own longings.

Sermon Scripture Text: John 19:28-30

I Thirst” – S02E25 of Grow Deeper: A Bluff Park UMC Podcast

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