Into Your Hands – Rev. Ross Furio
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Episode 28: Into Your Hands – Rev. Ross Furio

“Father into your hands I commend my Spirit.” That is the prayer that we hear Jesus pray just before he breathes his last. It is a prayer that Jesus lived by, and now a prayer that Jesus dies by. It is also a prayer that Jesus calls us to pray with Him. Listen this week as we finish up our series on Jesus’ 7 words from the cross

Sermon Scripture Text: Luke 23:44-49

Into Your Hands” – S02E28 of Grow Deeper: A Bluff Park UMC Podcast

Welcome to the Grow Deeper podcast. We’re pastors Mike Holly and Ross Furio from Bluff Park United Methodist Church in Hoover, Alabama. Each week we share our Sunday sermons from on the podcast to inspire and encourage you to grow in faith and in life. We’re glad you’ve joined us on this journey.

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