BRIEFLY DESCRIBE YOUR JOB:  I pay all the bills, account for all donations by members and help Jason with financial decisions here.

WHAT IS YOUR BACKGROUND?  Out of college I worked for Wells Fargo and then for BellSouth/AT&T, with my last 10 years paying their bills.  I am very familiar with my job function.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB? I enjoy dealing with church members and love to see their love for this church!

TELL US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY: I have been married to my wife Carole since 1996.  We have three children:  James (University of Alabama), Joseph (University of Montevallo) and Catie (High School Senior).

FAVORITE THING TO DO AWAY FROM WORK? Our family has a lake house on Smith Lake, and I like to “putter on projects” there.