Drawing Toward One Another – Billy Rainey
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Episode 93: Drawing Toward One Another – Billy Rainey

Advent, a word that means “the coming,” invites us to consider ways in which we can recognize God’s presence even in the midst of our seasons of waiting. The Apostle Paul and the Thessalonian church that he writes to in scripture knew quite well the experience of seeking God’s presence in times of waiting as they faced persecutions and other great costs for their commitment to Christ. In today’s sermon, we look to the the example of these first century Christians to perhaps glean ways in which we can make our Advent seasons less of a time of holiday burnout and more a time of slowing down enough to create more space for God to act, specifically in our communities and through our relationships.

Sermon Scripture Text: 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13

Drawing Toward One Another” – S03E93 of Grow Deeper: A Bluff Park UMC Podcast

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