The Story that Binds Us – Billy Rainey
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Episode 87: The Story that Binds Us – Billy Rainey

Story-telling is an essential part of the human experience. Stories do more than recollect the past, they give us hope for the present, vision for the future, and bind us with others. This is particularly true of the story of the Kingdom of God prophesied by Isaiah, inaugurated by Christ, and lived into by the Church as we anticipate its consummation down the road where all will be fed, tears will be wiped away, and death will be no more. As we remember those saints who have gone before us, we do so knowing that this great story binds us together with them still.

Sermon Scripture Text: Isaiah 25:6-9

The Story that Binds Us” – S03E87 of Grow Deeper: A Bluff Park UMC Podcast

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